Month: September 2019

Concierto Festival de la Guitarra de Sevilla

Sevilla Guitar Festival – Concierto de Aranjuez


Cañizares took part in the 10th edition of Festival de la Guitarra de Sevilla. He opened the festival with Concierto de Aranjuez alongside Orquesta OST directed by Master Manuel Alejandro González.
A few days before the concert he was invited to the program “La Tarde Aquí y Ahora” led by the popular presenter Juan y Medio, broadcast by Canal Sur TV.


News published about “Rodrigo por Cañizares”


This post features several links to News published about “Rodrigo por Cañizares”, Cañizares’s new album, dedicated to master Rodrigo, an album which includes an unpublished piece by the Rodrigo, who died 20 years ago this July. This new piece is “Preludio al Atardecer”, composed in 1926 and discovered by Javier Suárez Pajares in 2018.