Domenico Scarlatti, who lived in Spain for many years, expressed his love for Spanish popular music in his wonderful Sonatas for keyboard. Cañizares has undertaken the challenge of transcribing some of these pieces for the guitar, and proves what many musicologists think but do not dare to say: that Scarlatti was the first Flamenco composer. Cañizares’s fingers reveal the harmonic, melodic and rhythmic links between Scarlatti and Flamenco’s universal language. The show Cañizares Scarlatti & Flamenco alternates Cañizares’s and Scarlatti’s compositions, in a marvellous voyage through the centuries in which the past, the present and the future of music share the same space.

Cañizares Guitarist and Composer
© Amancio Guillén


Cañizares: Guitar

Juan Carlos Gómez:

Second Guitar

Charo Espino:

Dance, Castanets and Palmas (Handclaps)

Angel Muñoz:

Dance, Cajón and Palmas (Handclaps)

Music Direction: Cañizares

Music: Cañizares and Domenico Scarlatti


Charo Espino y Angel Muñoz


JMC Music Productions

World Premiere: June 6th 2014 at Auditorium Conde Duque

(Madrid, Spain)

With special collaboration of Instituto Italiano de Cultura


  1. Sonata de Scarlatti K.208
  2. Lejana (Ballad)


  1. Sonata de Scarlatti K.34
  2. Mar Caribe (Guajira)


  1. Sonata de Scarlatti K.40
  2. El Abismo (Bulerías)


  1. Sonata de Scarlatti K.32
  2. Lluvia de Cometas (Rumba)


  1. Sonata de Scarlatti K.11
  2. Palomas (Vals)


  1. Sonata de Scarlatti K.291
  2. Collar de Perlas (Alegrías)

© Amancio Guillén