Cañizares Flamenco Quintet


This Show is based on his flamenco album “El Mito de la Caverna” (which means “Allegory of the Cave”). This title from Platon accurately expresses his feelings and attitude about the writing of flamenco music. Since he was a child, he has always felt that his musical experiences lie across two pillars: flamenco tradition, on the one hand, and study-driven musical theory, on the other.

Following the Platonic metaphor, Flamenco tradition taught him the language of shadows in the cave: that tenuous light, those mysterious sounds, which reached him as they floated down the river of tradition. A very rich language, expressive and deep, which became an irreplaceable inspiration for him. Years later, with the academic discipline of the conservatoire, He learned musical theory, what we can call, in the terms of our metaphor, the light of the sun: an intellectual perception that allowed him to travel in to a different musical world. There is little doubt that the incomparable experience of transcribing and interpreting works by such masters as Albéniz, Falla, Granados and Scarlatti has broadened and enriched his musical vision.

Canizares Flamenco Quintet
© Amancio Guillén


Cañizares: Guitar

Juan Carlos Gómez: Second Guitar

José Angel Carmona: Singer and Mandola

Charo Espino: Dance, Castanets and Palmas (Handclaps)

Angel Muñoz: Dance, Cajón and Palmas


Music Direction: Cañizares

Music: Cañizares

Choreography: Charo Espino y Angel Muñoz

Production: JMC Music Productions


World Premier: September 16th 2018 at Iwaki Alios Hall, Japan


1st part (45 min)

  1. Añorando el Presente (guitar solo)
  2. La Callada Luna (Tientos)
  3. Bosquecillo de Pinos (Garrotín)
  4. Desierto Nevado (Habanera Flamenca)
  5. Lejana (Balada)
  6. Collar de Perlas (Alegrías)
  7. Puente Arpegiado (Tangos)
  8. Cuerdas del Alma (Rumba)


2nd part (45 min)

  1. Isla de los Bienaventurados (Bulerías)
  2. Lluvia de Cometas (Rumba)
  3. Mar Caribe (Guajira)
  4. Imagen… (Preludio para una Rumba)
  5. …Fantasía (Rumba)
  6. Extraña Belleza (Soleá por Bulerías)
  7. Palomas (Vals)
Cañizares Flamenco Quintet en Concierto
© Amancio Guillén