Falla por Cañizares


In this show, Cañizares reveals a new and original version of Manuel de Falla’s music thanks to an unusual combination: guitars, castanets, percussion and flamenco dance. In the second half, he shows us his personal vision of flamenco music through his own compositions.

Flamenco music had such an impact on great Spanish composer Manuel de Falla that, together with poet García Lorca, he organised the first every “Cante Jondo” competition in 1922 in Granada. Falla integrated different flamenco nuances in his compositions: harmonies, melodies, rhythms, etc… 100 years later, Cañizares has awakened and recreated the flamenco soul that lay dormant in his scores and taken it to the stage.

Cañizares opens the second half of the show with his own flamenco music, selected from the “Cuerdas del Alma” album. He maintains that the concept is that “symbolically, people have strings in their souls by way of a musical instrument. Our experiences and desires “play” on those strings of the soul to provoke resonances of sadness, joy, illusion or love.”

From his musical maturity, Cañizares reveals a landscape of emptions that he plays on the strings of his soul and his guitar, making them vibrate with the strings of the soul of his audience.

Cañizares Guitarist and Composer
© Amancio Guillén


Cañizares: Guitar

Juan Carlos Gómez:

Second Guitar

Charo Espino:

Dance, Castanets and Palmas (Handclaps)

Angel Muñoz:

Dance, Cajón y Palmas (Handclaps)

Music Direction: Cañizares

Music: Cañizares and Manuel de Falla


Charo Espino y Angel Muñoz


JMC Music Productions

World Premiere: November 23rd 2013 at Auditorium of Manuel de Falla

(Granada, Spain)


© Amancio Guillén


1st part (45 min)

Siete Canciones Populares Españolas

1. Nana

2. Canción

3. El paño Moruno

4. Seguidilla Murciana

5. Jota

El Amor Brujo

6. Danza Ritual de Fuego

7. Pantomima

8. Escena

9. Canción de Fuego Fatuo

El Sombrero de Tres Picos

10. Danza de los Vecinos

11. Danza del Molinero

La Vida Breve

12. 1ª Danza Española

2nd part (45 min)

1. Añorando el Presente (Guitar Solo)

2. El Abismo (Bulerías)

3. Lluvia de Cometas (Rumba)

4. Mar Caribe (Guajira)

5. Lejana (Balada)

6. Collar de Perlas (Alegrías)

7. Cuerdas del Alma (Rumba)

© Amancio Guillén