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Concierto Al-Andalus dedicated to Paco de Lucía in Radio Clásica


Next 31 May, Concierto Al-Andalus by Cañizares, dedicated to Paco de Lucía returns to Radio Clásica, RTVE

Orquesta Nacional de España and Radio Clásica, RTVE, are going to broadcast some important concerts in their repertoire. Next Sunday 31 May, at 11:00 a.m. (Spanish peninsular time) we shall have the chance of listening to “Concierto Al-Andalus”dedicated to Master Paco de Lucía. You will be able to follow this broadcast life from anywhere in the world, through the station’s website.

World premiere of Concierto Al-Andalus in memory to Paco de Lucía with The Spanish National Orchestra (May 2016)
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