Cañizares Guitarra Solo Duo Flamenco


On this occasion, Cañizares offers an original contrast thanks to his flamenco music and that of great Spanish composer Manuel de Falla.

The concert begins with a solo by Cañizares, a fantasy for flamenco guitar entit- led “Añorando el Presente” (Nostalgia for the present) with a Malagueña air. An excellent opportunity to enjoy the value of the silence and depth provided by six strings.

Juan Carlos Gómez then joins him with a second guitar, and they delight us with magnificent rhythms and melodies that form the essence of flamenco guitar. All the compositions are originals by Cañizares.

A musical mid-concert parenthesis allows us to savour the magnificent crea- tions of famous composer Manuel de Falla. Cañizares and Juan Carlos play two pieces by the Cadiz-born master taken from the “Falla by Cañizares” trilogy, awakening the flamenco soul that lay dormant in the scores of this Spanish musical genius.

Canizares Guitar Solo Duo Flamenco
© Amancio Guillén


“Cañizares Solo Duo Flamenco”


Cañizares: Guitar

Juan Carlos Gómez: Second Guitar


Music Direction: Cañizares

Music: Cañizares and Manuel de Falla

Production: JMC Music Productions


World Premiere: August 11th 2007 at Caroso Festival, Italia


  1. Añorando el Presente (Guitar solo)
  2. El Abismo (Bulerías)
  3. La Callada Luna (Tientos)
  4. Imagen… (Preludio para una Rumba)
  5. …Fantasía (Rumba)
  6. Danza de los Vecinos
  7. Primera Danza de La Vida Breve
  8. Lejana (Ballad)
  9. Cuerdas del Alma (Rumba)
  10. Palomas (Waltz)
  11. Lluvia de Cometas (Rumba)

© Amancio Guillén