Japanese version El Mito de Caverna CD

The Japanese version of Cañizares’s latest album ‘El Mito de la Caverna’ released in Japan on 11 April

The release of Cañizares’s latest album was a great success in Japan. Previously, Cañizares had conceded 28 interviews to the Japanese media.
Japanese version of El Mito de Caverna at CD shop in Japan
© Mariko Ogura
The Japanese version of the album ‘El Mito de la Caverna’ in a music shop in Tokio

Cañizares’s latest flamenco album, ‘El Mito de la Caverna’ was released on 11 April, including the translation of the CD texts and 8 pages of the original libretto.

Professor Jiro Hamada, a prestigious musicologist and flamencologist, said:

From my perspective, calling Cañizares a ‘Flamenco guitarist’ is no longer appropriate, even if you add ‘one of the best of’ to the expression. After working with the Berlin Philharmonic and Sir Simon Rattle and other first-rate orchestras worldwide, being universally praised, who can we call him a ‘flamenco guitarist’? If we want to put a label on him, it must be something like ‘super guitarist’ or a ‘transcendental guitarist’.

classical guitarist Daisuke Suzuki as an interviewer
© Mariko Ogura
After an interview with classical guitarist and interviewer Daisuke Suzuki

In this occasion, the prestigious classical guitarist Daisuke Suzuki was his interviewer, asking very interesting questions from his perspective as classical guitarist. This interview will be soon published in several Japanese musical magazines.

Interview by Daisuke Suzuki (in Japanese):

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