Donación guitarra "Modelo Cañizares"

Donation of guitar ‘Cañizares Model’ to Music Museum of Barcelona


Cañizares and Vicente Carrillo, luthier of ‘Cañizares Model’ guitars, donated a guitar to the Music Museum of Barcelona. The guitar belongs to the top tier of the ‘Cañizares Model’ range. The donation took place after the premiere of “Concierto Mediterráneo. The director of the museum, Mr Jaume Ayats, and Vicente Carrillo, went on stage for the donation ceremony.

Guitarra Modelo Cañizares

‘Cañizares Model’ guitar
Photo:© Mariko Ogura

All these guitars are signed by Cañizares and Vicente Carrillo, and have an individual series number.

Cabeza guitarra Modelo Cañizares

The new head of the Cañizares Model guitar
Photo: © Mariko Ogura

The innovative head of the guitar is a signature piece of the ‘Cañizares Model’, and carries the golden ‘C’ which is the trademark of this model.

Cañizares con el luthier Vicente Carrillo

The guitar section in the Music Museum of Barcelona
Photo: © Mariko Ogura

This is the guitar section of the Museo de la Música de Barcelona. The ‘Cañizares Model’ will be on display very soon.

Entrega de premio a Vicente Carrillo

Award ceremony for Vicente Carrillo
Photo: © Mariko Ogura

And last week, Vicente Carrillo was awarded a prize for his work as a luthier. Cañizares attended the event to share these moments with him.

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