Cañizares en el Japan Open

Spanish National Team with Cañizares’ music


Artistic Swimming Japan Open

Poster of Artistic Swimming Japan Open

Cañizares attended the artistic swimming Japan Open, which took place in Tokyo, Japan. Cañizares arranged the music for the Spanish Free Duet exercise.

El guitarrista y Compositor Cañizares en el Aeropuerto de Tokio

Photo: At the Haneda Airport, Tokyo
© Mariko Ogura

Japan is already enjoying the run up to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Cañizares is also looking forward to writing good music for the Spanish team.

Photo: At Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Center
© Mariko Ogura

Cañizares attended the competition live for the first time. For him, it is important to listen to the acoustics of the sport hall, as music will sound very differently in the recording studio. This new experience will be of great help for the work that he is undertaking for the Spanish national team.

entrega de medallas Japan Open

Photo: Medal award ceremony
© Mariko Ogura

The Spanish national team participated in several categories: Team, Duet, Highlight, and mix, and they won several medals. The photo above was taken during the Highlight medal award ceremony. Japan won gold, and Spain silver.

Cañizares presencia la Competición Open Japan

Photo: Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Center
© Mariko Ogura

After their performance, the Spanish swimmers joined the crowd in the stands to enjoy the other teams’ performaces.

Mayu Fujiki, Cañizares y todo el equipo de Natación Artística

Photo: With the Spanish National Team
© Mariko Ogura

We have had a lovely time with the coach Mayu Fujiki and the swimmers. They will continue training for the most important event of the year, which is the World Championship, which will take place in South Korea in July.

This short video summarises the trip to Tokyo with the swimmers. I hope that you enjoy it!

【Recuerdos de Viaje – Tokyo, Japan】
♪ Cuerdas del Alma

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