Felicitación Cañizares
Cañizares Guitarist and Composer

Happy New Year


Message from Cañizares to the readers of Cañizares web

May you have a wonderful New Year and may all your wishes be fulfilled, but above all, have a lot of health and happiness.


In 2020 we celebrate the Tokyo Olympic Games in Japan, and Cañizares is working full steam ahead in the Artistic Swimming Spanish National Team.

In 2020 he will travel to Japan three times: during the Olympic Games, for his tour, and for the presentation of the album Rodrigo por Cañizares. He shall also visit other countries in Asia and Latin America.

In addition to the music for the artistic swimming team, he has two premieres scheduled: his third concert for guitar and orchestra, in the summer, and a composition for quintet (string quartet an guitar), in the autumn.

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