Cañizares interpretando el Concierto Al-Andalus
Cañizares Guitarist and Composer, Concert

Concierto Al-Andalus by Cañizares in Pamplona


Cañizares interpreted his “Concierto Al-Andalus” with the Navarra Symphonic Orchestra, conducted by master Josep Pons

Concierto Al-Andaluscomposed by Cañizares and dedicated to his friend and mentor Paco de Lucía, has come again to Pamplona with the Navarra Symphonic Orchestra conducted by master Josep Pons.

This concert presents many flamenco features, including flamenco hand-clapping. The hand-clapping is optional, but whenever it is possible to do so, the bill features Angel Muñoz and Charo Espino, two dancers from Cañizares Flamenco Quartet.

Cañizares en el auditorio Baluarte con Angel y Charo

Photo: Cañizares with Angel Muñoz y Charo Espino (at Baluarte Auditorium)
© Mariko Ogura

El guitarrista y compositor Canizares y el director Josep Pons

Photo: Rehearsal with the Navarra Symphony Orchestra and Maestro Josep Pons
© Mariko Ogura

Cañizares works often with master Josep Pons, not only in Spain, but also other countries, for instance in Cañizares’s first visit to Taiwan, during which he interpreted Concierto de Aranjuez alongside master Pons.

Vol.28    2019.6.28
Concierto de Aranjuez in Taiwan

Maestro Pons conducted the Spanish National Orchestra in the premiere of this concert. The Navarra Symphonic Orchestra also interpreted this concert during Festival Flamenco On Fire in 2017. Since the conductor and the orchestra knew the work well, rehearsals went swimmingly.

Cañizares guitarra con Charo y Angel tocando palmas flamencas

Photo: Cañizares with Angel and Charo on rehearsal
© Mariko Ogura

Ensayo Cañizares con Angel y Charo en el escenario

Photo: Rehearsal on stage with Angel and Charo
© Mariko Ogura

Both concerts were a great success, both with the audience and the musicians, who applauded enthusiastically at the end of the concerts.

Concierto Al-Andalus Canizares, OSN y Josep Pons

Photo: At the end of the Concierto Al-Andalus with Navarra Symphony Orchestra and Maestro Pons
© OSN / Ricardo Salcedo

Cañizares Concierto Al-Andalus en Navarra

Photo: Cañizares with Angel and Charo on stage
© OSN / Ricardo Salcedo

This is a 1-minute video about the concerts in Pamplona.

【Recuerdos de Viaje – Concierto Al-Andalus in Pamplona】

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