Concierto en Montenegro - Dúo de Guitarra

Concert in Montenegro


Guitar Duo Concert in the Montenegro International Guitar Festival

Montenegro is a warm and welcoming country. Cañizares has been invited to one of their guitar festivals in multiple occasions.

Cartel del concierto de Tivat (Montenegro) - Duo de Guitarra

Last May, Cañizares participated in the Montenegro Guitar Festival, in the city of Tivat. Alongside the guitarist Juan Carlos Gómez he played the concert Solo dúo flamenco.

The following photos correspond to the Montenegro International Guitar Festival.

Dúo Guitarra Juan Carlos Gómez y Cañizares

Photo: Rehearsal with Juan Carlos Gómez
© Mariko Ogura

Solo de guitarra del compositor y guitarrista Cañizares

Photo: It was fantastic guitar solo
© Mariko Ogura

Duo Guitarra Cañizares concierto

Photo: Guitar duo with Juan Carlos Gómez
© Mariko Ogura

Master Class Guitarra Flamenca Cañizares

Photo: Masterclass of Guitarra Flamenca
© Mariko Ogura

The day after the concert, Cañizares gave a master class.

This guitar festival belongs to an association known as EuroStrings, whose guitar festivals include a classical guitar contest. The winners of the contest can take part in some of the festivals as guest artists, and take part in the master class given by the masters.

As such, all the students in Cañizares’s master class were the winners of one of these contests, and were extraordinarily skilled. The master class was organised around flamenco guitar techniques, applied to classical guitar. All the participants make the most of this opportunity to learn new techniques.

【Recuerdos de Viaje – Tivat, Montenegro】

Following the success of the duo concert, the organisers decided to invite Cañizares to take part in the guitar festival which is being celebrated in October in Niksic.

The XIV Niksic International Guitar Festival will take place between 4 and 7 October, with the slogan “Viva España”.

The festival opens on 4 October with Cañizares and the Montenegro National Orchestra. They will perform Concierto Mediterráneo, a work composed by Cañizares and dedicated to master Joaquín Rodrigo. On 5 October, Cañizares and Juan Carlos Gómez will play Concierto Dúo de Guitarras.

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