Canizares Flamenco Quartet in Liechtenstein

Cañizares makes his debut in Liechtenstein, with his Flamenco Quartet

Cañizares took part in the 26th edition of Liechtenstein’s Guitar Festival ‘LiGiTa’, before a full house.
Canizares Flamenco Quartet in Liechtenstein
© Mariko Ogura
Cañizares Flamenco Quartet in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is the 6th smallest country in the word, and has neither airport nor train station. It is located between Switzerland and Austria, and in other to reach the sea, its inhabitants must cross two borders (there are only two countries in the world which have this feature).

It has a population of barely 37,000, but it is culturally very rich. ‘LiGiTa’ is on its 26th edition, and since its creation has attracted the best guitarists in the world. Cañizares’s concert on 10 July was sold out, and the audience was passionate and enthusiastic about the performance.

At the end of concert of Canizares
© Mariko Ogura
The end of Cañizares’s concert in Liechtenstein

In this occasion, Cañizares presented a selection of his flamenco compositions, accompanied by dance, percussion and palmas. Although most concerts in the festival revolve around classical music,, the enthusiasm of the audience for flamenco music was palpable.

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