Magazine Paseo Flamenco cover

Cañizares in the Japanese magazine Paseo Flamenco

The magazine Paseo Flamenco, founded over 30 ago, sells over 10,000 per month
Magazine Paseo Flamenco cover
Cañizares in the front cover of the magazine Paseo Flamenco

The August release, the magazine Paseo Flamenco published an article on Cañizares’s latest album ‘El Mito de la Caverna’ and the Japan tour of his new Flamenco Quinted, in Septemter.

Magazine Paseo Flamenco Canizares new CD
Cañizares’s album ‘El Mito de la Caverna’ in Paseo Flamenco

The article was authored by Mariko Ogura, manager and executive producer of the album and of the September tour. The first four pages of the magazine, printed in full colour, explore Cañizares’s views on his musical creations, and present the tour of the Flamenco Quintet.

The tour includes 12 concerts in 11 cities all over Japan, and commemorates the 150th anniversary of Spanish-Japanese diplomatic relations.

Magazine Paseo Flamenco Canizares Japan Tour
Cañizares’s tour in Japan in Paseo Flamenco

In 1999-2000 and 2014-2015, Cañizares published a monthly section with musical scores and tabs. In these 30 pieces, Cañizares explained his composition technique and presented guitar techniques and exercises for flamenco guitar. These pieces were very popular among Japanese flamenco and classical guitarists.

Since its foundation, the magazine Paseo Flamenco has dedicated several articles and special issues to Cañizares’s work and career. The magazine is also planning to publish reviews of the tour concerts starting in September.

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