Concierto Al-Andalus Lille

French Premier of Concierto Al-Andalus in France

Cartel del Concierto Al-Andalus en Lille

Poster of the Concert in Lille

Last week we witnessed the French premiere of Concierto Al-Andalus with Lille’s National Orchestra, conducted by Maestro Alexandre Bloch.
Concierto Al-Andalus was premiered in Spain in 2016. It is a flamenco concert that Cañizares dedicated to Paco de Lucía.

Alexandre Bloch and Cañizares

Rehearsals of Concierto Al-Andalus with master Alexandre Bloch
Photo: © Mariko Ogura

Before rehearsing with the orchestra, Cañizares and Master Bloch studied the work together, examining times, rhythms and dynamics. Maestro Bloch loves flamenco and Spanish music, and him and Cañizares had an enormous chemistry together from the start.

Orquesta Nacional de Lille

Concierto Al-Andalus with the Lille National Orchestra and Maestro Alexandre Bloch
Photo: © Mariko Ogura

The three concerts with the Lille National Orchestra are dedicated to Spanish music. In addition to Concierto Al-Andalus, the programmes include works by Granados and Turina, as well as Debussy y Ravel.

The Concierto Al-Andalus includes palmas (clapping) as a percussion variation. Cañizares always brings Angel Muñoz and Charo Espino, members of his Flamenco Quintet, as palmeros (clappers).

The bis included some impromptu dancing
Photo: © Mariko Ogura

At the end of the concert, Cañizares thanked the enthusiasm of Lille’s audience by playing El Abismo (Bulerías). In the first half of the piece, Angel and Charo clapped and eventually went out to dance, earning them heartfelt ‘bravos’ and a great ovation at the end.

Saluting the audience at the end of the concert. Cañizares next to Master Bloch and, behind, Angel and Charo
Photo: © Mariko Ogura

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