Albéniz por Cañizares

2007 SONY-BMG España

Isaac Albéniz was one of the most important Spanish composers in the 19th century. His masterpiece was the “Suite Iberia”, which he completed shortly before his death. Without making direct use of popular melodies, the Iberia Suite directly reflects the landscapes of Andalusia and its artistic and musical manifestations. The “Suite Iberia”, an example of the brilliance of Albéniz at the piano, is intense, profound, emotional and majestic.

Cañizares became familiar with the music of Albéniz when he was studying at the conservatory as a child. But the idea of this adventure did not arise until 1991, when he was a regular member of Paco de Lucía’s group. It was then that Cañizares transcribed three parts of the monumental masterpiece for the guitars of Paco de Lucía, who played them with Cañizares to complement the recorded version of “Concierto de Aranjuez”.


“That was when I considered doing the entire Suite” – Cañizares for El Mundo , 2007.05.09


His dream came true in 2007 with his album entitled “Suite Iberia – Albéniz por Cañizares”. For three long years, Cañizares investigated and studied the Iberia Suite by Albéniz. It was complicated from a technical perspective, both in its analysis and the skills required; Cañizares approached this challenge with classical thoroughness, giving it a new perspective and adapting this piece written for piano for two guitars.

“A guitar cannot play all the notes on the original score because they are topographically different instruments and the Iberia Suite is a highly complex polyphonic piece” – Cañizares for El Mundo , 2007.05.09

His intention was to capture the essence of this music and emphasise its flamenco roots. And he certainly did so on his album entitled “Suite Iberia – Albéniz por Cañizares” which obtained the 2008 Spain Academy Prize for Music.


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