La Vida Breve - CD de Guitarra - Falla por Cañizares


Falla por Cañizares Vol.2

2013 JMC Music Productions

For this second album in the trilogy that I am dedicated to music by Manuel de Falla, I have chosen two dances from La Vida Breve and several pieces written for piano.


Within the broad range of his compositions, La Vida Breve is especially significant for me. On several occasions I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with orchestras and play it live. On stage, surrounded by the sound of an orchestra, I have always felt the grandeur of this composition, noting its vibrant and subtle nuances in my very being. This experience encouraged me to investigate it further, attempting to reflect this sensation in the transcription.


This year is the centennial of when La Vida Breve premiered in Nice (France). On such a significant date, I find it exciting to be able to share my version with lovers of Manuel de Falla’s musical legacy.


November 2013

Juan Manuel Cañizares


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