El Amor Brujo de Falla - CD Cañizares guitarrista


Falla por Cañizares Vol.3

2014 JMC Music Productions

With this third album, entitled “El Amor Brujo – Falla por Cañizares”, I comple- te the trilogy that I have dedicated to Manuel de Falla. This album contains 10 pieces from El Amor Brujo and 5 from Suite Homenaje.

Of all the pieces that I transcribed and recorded for these three albums, I believe that Amor Brujo is Falla’s greatest exponent of flamenco sounds. It contains Andalusian cadencies and melismata that Flamenco singers use in their work, clear evidence of Falla’s familiarity with the genre. I attempt to highlight and express those flamenco nuances that are of such importance in the piece’s overall context.

The piece entitled Pedrelliana from Suite Homenaje, composed for orchestra, is not commonly found in a guitarist’s repertoire. I transcribed it entirely based on the orchestra score. There are instruments in it that cover a very wide range of registers and timbres so I used the special guitar that I told you about in the previous albums, modifying the three bass strings of a six-string guitar.

This marvellous experience of investigating Falla’s work has been a fantastic adventure. By recreating them and seeing them from inside, so to speak, they have given me a different perspective of flamenco, opening new horizons in which to compose my own flamenco music. This album marks the end the trilogy, of my magnificent journey and marvellous adventure. I would, howe- ver, like to continue to investigate Falla’s work so I hope to present more of his music in the near future.


May 2014

Juan Manuel Cañizares


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