CD Danzas Españolas - Trilogía Granados por Cañizares - Guitarra

Danzas Españolas

Trilogía de Granados por Cañizares Vol. 1

2017 JMC Music Productions

This album is the first of a trilogy which, by interpreting Granados’ most characteristic piano pieces, aims to commemorate the 100th anniversary of his death (2016) and the 150th anniversary of his birth (2017). The selection of the works has been no easy task, because his entire repertoire is full of an ingenuity, brightness and fantasy that are the exclusive realm of those who travel to other worlds in order to fetch us their wonders. In the first volume of the trilogy, I have transcribed and interpreted the “Spanish Dances”, one of the key works of Granados’ early career.

Years ago, I undertook the project of studying classical composers who, in one way or another, took an interest in flamenco and popular folklore for their work. My task as a musician is to transcribe and interpret these works. As a producer, I am publishing them as part of the series ‘por Cañizares’. This is the eighth album of the series.

When transcribing a work, I always respect its original key. From the point of view of the execution, this can be very hard for the guitarist, because the keys used in composition can be unsuitable for guitar. This happens because few of the notes can be played with an open string, and the left hand is, therefore, constantly busy at the neck. The pieces ‘Romántica’ and ‘Arabesca’ in this album are particularly complex in this regard. Personally, however, I think it is preferable to take on these difficulties rather than taking the work to keys that do not belong to it, even if that makes my work easier.

With a humble heart, I present this work in the hope that I have made a small contribution to the progress of our music, and with the sincere wish that many will enjoy it.


October 2016

Juan Manuel Cañizares


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