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Cañizares Flamenco Quintet | Photo album of the Japanese Tour


Cañizares Flamenco Quintet’s extensive tour of Japan, in 2018, has been included in a programme produced by La 2 (part of the Spanish Broadcast Corporation – TVE) in order to commemorate the anniversary of diplomatic relations between Spain and Japan. I share the beautiful photos taken by the Japanese photographer Masataka Ishida, who had the kindness to send them to me recently.

© Masataka Ishida

The programme “Shasei. El Sonido del Mundo: Japón”, was broadcast by La 2 (TVE) last month. This included a documentary about Cañizares’s tour of Japan.

The programme celebrated the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Spain and japan, and presents Japanese culture in general and its links with Spain.

The programme, one hour long, refers to Cañizares and his Flamenco Quintet in several occasions:
Rehearsals in Spain: from minute 9’45”
Interview to Cañizares: from minute 14’10”
Interview, rehearsal and concert in Japan: from minute 47’15″

(only available in Spanish)

Cañizares Flamenco Quintet | Vídeo TV2

TVE – La 2
the anniversary of diplomatic relations between Spain and Japan
Shasei. El Sonido del Mundo: Japón

These last few days, Cañizares has been working on Master Joaquín Rodrigo’s “Fantasía para un Gentilhombre”. He will pay it in March with a Finnish and with a Spanish orchestra. He is also preparing the recording of Trilogía de Rodrigo por Cañizares.

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