Sonatas   Scarlatti por Cañizares

Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757)

2014 JMC Music Productions

Universally renowned for his sonatas, Scarlatti, an Italian composer who lives in Spain, is unquestionably one of the most significant references in Baroque music. A lover of his work, Cañizares wondered whether there could be a harmonic connection with his music in flamenco as, although the flamenco that we know today did not yet exist when he was alive, some of his pieces do seem to contain a remote but latent embryonic connection with the harmonic aspect of flamenco. Performed by Cañizares, Scarlatti loses none of his grandeur; on the contrary, he gains in variety, in colours and in sounds, those of his beloved Spain.

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EL AMOR BRUJO   Manuel de Falla (1876-1946)

2014 JMC Music Productions

This third album, entitled "El Amor Brujo – Falla por Cañizares" is the last in the trilogy that Cañizares dedicated to composer Manuel de Falla. It contains a selection of 10 pieces from El Amor Brujo and 5 from Suite Homenaje. Of all the Falla compositions transcribed by the flamenco guitarist, according to Cañizares, El Amor Brujo is the one that contains more flamenco sounds: "It contains Andalusian cadences and melismata that are characteristic of flamenco singers. This is clear evidence of Falla´s in-depth knowledge of flamenco". We find these nuances in this recording which are peculiar in nature in the overall context of the composition. This is the end of a magnificent journey, an extraordinary adventure that left Cañizares with the desire to continue to investigate the work of the Cadiz-born composer.

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2013 JMC Music Productions

Coinciding with the hundredth anniversary of the premiere of La Vida Breve in Nice (France), 2013 is the year of the launch of the second album of the trilogy that Cañizares has dedicated to Manuel de Falla’s music. On this occasion, he has chosen two dances from La Vida Breve and several pieces created by the Cadiz-born composer for piano.
Within the wide range of his compositions, La Vida Breve is particularly important for the flamenco guitarist, who has collaborated with orchestras and played this piece live, surrounded by the orchestral sound. Cañizares experienced the grandeur of this composition, feeling its vibrant and subtle nuances. This experience unquestionably encouraged him to investigate its most hidden corners, attempting to reflect them in this complex transcription.

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2013 JMC Music Productions

Manuel de Falla’s work has always been very intimate and close to Cañizares’s flamenco soul, and the guitarist had been wanting to transcribe it for a long time.
For the first volume of this trilogy of transcriptions, Cañizares chose El Sombrero de Tres Picos, Siete Canciones Populares Españolas and Cuatro Piezas Españolas. Although many of the dances in “El Sombrero de Tres Picos” had already been transcribed by masters such as Miguel Llobet or Emilio Pujol, Cañizares’s transcription and interpretations focused on highlighting the flamenco essence of the Cadiz-born composer’s music, while attempting to preserve as many voices as possible.
Indeed, in some pieces belonging to Siete Canciones Populares Españolas and in Danza Final, in order to broaden the pitch, Cañizares modified his flamenco guitar, replacing the fourth, fifth and sixth strings with the bass strings of a 10-string guitar, tunes an octave lower than usual.
These unique versions of how Cañizares sees Manuel de Falla’s music are therefore provided by a very personal flamenco guitar.

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2012 SONY Music Spain

"Cañizares new recording of Suite Goyescas by Enrique Granados is a milestone in itself. Not only does it coincide with the Suite´s hundredth anniversary, with Cañizares having undertaken a fundamental project in transcribing it for two guitars, adding a new, unexpected dimension, but also because it is a masterly performance worthy of one of Spanish music´s best ambassadors".

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Cuerdas del Alma (Strings of the Soul)

2010 SONY-BMG Spain

"In this album, Cañizares does a work of summary that does not represent a step back but an enrichment of all he has previously lived" Cañizares is an artist who adds prestige to Spanish musica, taking it to the global scene and accurately placing it in the main centre of sensitivity. Each one of his records is a true timeless gem that goes well beyond fashions and styles. His musica is poised to last forever as it gets better and wiser as time passes. For that reason, each new release by Cañizares is an important musical event.

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2007 SONY-BMG Spain

Cañizares has completed a task he set himself years ago, having for the first time transcribed the famous Suite by genius composer Albeniz for two guitars just one hundred years after it was first written. Cañizares·s interpretation transports listeners to a world of Spanish tradition and culture.

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2000 EMI

Punto de Encuentro (Meeting Point), is a reflection on the great artists and friends with whom he has worked and shared his musica: Mike Stern, Don Alias, Paco de Lucia, Enrique Morente, Hevia, Kepa Junquera and Pastora Soler, among others.



Cañizares magnificently transcribed the piano sonatas for two guitars. It is a unique piece, not only as a guitar composition, but as a significant achievement in the history of Spanish musica.



After collaborating for ten years with Paco de Lucia, Cañizares has decided to initiate his career as a soloist with this first album, which was seen as a great event in the world of flamenco. In this work he appears like a ambitious as a musicaian, and is an original and impeccable instrumentalist.

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